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We, as Sulbus Auto Mould,
have satisfied customers all around Turkey and on many countries of the world.

We believe that, our existence and our competitiveness on the market depends on our top quality products which are manufactured on time with advanced technology at low costs.


We take elaborate care to reach the top-most quality on every step of production to ensure longlasting and problem free products.


We owe our long lasting competitiveness to our ability to offer high quality with low costs.


We know that we must use latest technology for high quality. We follow technological developments closely.


We take care not to harm nature while achieving our corporate objectives and pursue a green policy.

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About Us

Sülbüs Auto Mould Plastic Industry Trade Limited Company, started to product in 1986. In today Sülbüs products three parts.
  • Plastic mould with modern technology (CNC)

  • Car accessories ( wheel cover, mobile phone holder, car plate pad, stop palte for school bus etc.)

The products, manufactured by our specialized personnel with priority on quality, are delivered just in time all around Tukey and to many countries on the world with low cost policy. It is a pleasure to serve our customers with this quality approach.